For everything I think it is important
to know the initiator and the goals set ...

For everything I think it is important
to know the initiator and the goals set.

I introduce myself,
Franck Bruguière

I am of aveyronnaise and corrézienne origin.

My career: captain in the navy, director of construction of offshore oil platforms for the emirate of Sharjah Dubai, director of industrial zones in Paris Sud, central director of general and security services for the Aerospace group, creator and leader of the SEP group until 2000.

In 2000, I realize


  • that industrial and economic values ​​direct and crush natural values without any humanitarian and ecological counterpart ,


  • that agricultural and food industrialization is hidden behind the appellation
    "Traditional agriculture" , it becomes very important to take the measure of the dramatic consequences of junk food and the deregulated lifestyle and to restore our relationship with living things through a change in perception of plant, animal and human and access for all to quality and healthy food from the perspective of food and health issues (no additives, heavy metals, phytosanitary inputs and others ...).


  • that our essential is to preserve and safeguard the quality of life without any psychological, physiological or physical polluter input, in a logic of social, equitable link, agrobiology and natural sale in short circuit.

I then take the decision to return to my origins and become a breeder of Galloway cattle (the oldest rustic breed in our world), perfectly suited to the terrain and climates of the central massif.

The goals that I set for myself are:


  • to create a naturally healthy environment allowing a well being as well human, animal as vegetable in a natural ecosystem without any air or aquatic pollution.


  • the implementation of all services or multi-services to preserve and safeguard the quality of life without input psychological, physiological or physical polluter.


  • to allow a social bond where the respect of the living being, vegetable and aquatic as well as honesty are at the fore of life.


  • to create with my wife Jeannine (doctor) an agrobiological farm and a company of innovative and convivial design, of assistance to the people and to the individual or societal companies which will allow:

1 - agrobiological animal production with direct sales in short circuits.

2 - the implementation of all means in materials and personnel intended to provide the services to the person or to the company.

3 - the organization and setting up of all events and festive services having an annex or related relationship with food, catering and the agricultural world in general.

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