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SEP concept & innovation est une entité commerciale qui représente

Ferme AgroNaturelle

Production animale AgroNaturelle ; Vente directe en circuit court sur toute la France métropolitaine.


A MEYMAC, location à l'année de petits studios équipés. Location de salles et cuisine équipées...

Prestation de service

En matériel (location avec chauffeur) ; En personnel ; Service à la personne, aux entreprises...


Preserve and save
the quality of life

Produce otherwise

Our essential being to preserve and safeguard the quality of life without any psychological, physiological or physical polluter input, in a logic of social, equitable link and natural agroecology and where service, events, service are at the center of a harmonious and happy action for humans.

Our ambition is to produce differently on a daily basis, to be naturally in the ecosystem by allowing an economic synergy in adequacy with the living in the well being of life. And where the human being is put at the center of social, economic and ecological.

In front of the agricultural and food industrialization which hides behind the name "traditional agriculture", it becomes very important to take the measure of the dramatic consequences, of the junk food as well as the mal-vie, and to restore our relation to living through a change in perception of plant, animal, human life and access for all to quality and healthy food from the perspective of food and health health issues (without additives, heavy metals, inputs phytosanitary and others).


Because the quality of life and well-being are essential for living well!



S EP "Concept Organization" is located in the historic towns of Meymac and Treignac in the heart of the Millevaches national park and offers meeting and conference rooms with first-rate audio and video conferencing equipment, first-class accommodation and catering quality will allow you to travel in well being.

A ll rooms & Meetings Center in September "Organization concept" are equipped with television. Free Wi-Fi is available and the restaurant serves local cuisine and a gourmet menu. Sep "Organization Concept" is surrounded by cultural sites, such as a church, a gallery of sculptures, a center of modern art and a monastery. Guests can also go hiking, mountain biking, horse riding and golf in the area.

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